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Range Elan Avi Product Use and Application
A Steam Ozone Chamber
Applied by the commercial market sector as an Ozone Therapy Sauna addressing the different health and beauty conditions treated by ozone.  The business owner sells time allocations in the Chamber in the format of therapy sessions. 
A & B Total Domestic Water Purification System
The water supplied by municipalities is a carrier of different bacteria and viruses which eventually ends in the markets usage whether it is for pure drinking, cooking or cleaning.  This wall mounted unit is positioned at the main supply ensuring all water is being treated with ozone – eliminating all bacteria and viruses.
A & B Electrostatic Air Purifier
This small unit is set within a room or an office space.  It collects dust and the air is filtered through charcoal or ozone providing you with clean air.  Also suitable for bedroom use.
B Air Purifier with Ozone and HEPA Filter
Wall mounted unit with three stage air cleaning and filtering capacity.  Remote controlled and suitable for a room up to 80 square meters.
B Pump Style Ozone Water Purifier
The unit can be wall mounted or desktop applied and ozone is being blown into the water via a stone.
B Pump Style Ozone Water Purifier (Larger Unit)
The unit can be wall mounted or desktop applied and ozone is being blown into the water via a stone.  Ion is also released by this unit into the water.
B Ozone Purifier With Direct Water Flow
The water flows through this unit where it is Ozonated and being released as Ozonated water.  Unit is mounted inside the building with a focus on a specific water supply line or tap.
B Pump Style Ozone Purifier
The unit is wall mounted or desktop applied and water is Ozonated simply by releasing ozone through the stone into the selected water becoming Ozonated water,  whether for drinking or bathing.
B Pump Style Ozone Chamber
Ozone is released through a diffuser stone into a material and foldable chamber.  The ozone is absorbed into the body through the skin and distributed throughout the body. 

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